Dakini/Daka Mentorship Programs

Dakini/Daka Mentorship Programs

Dakini and Daka Mentorship Program

With 11 years of experience, I provide aspiring Tantra Educators with a safe, supportive environment so they may be successful as a Daka or Dakini.  Not only will you receive  a thriving business model, but you will have the chance to share the high’s, low’s, and infinite questions that come from being in the Dakini, Daka & Tantra trade.

This five-­month program consists of two calls a month on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.  Each month has a theme but the program is really about individual attention to what’s current in your life and business.  Please commit in advance to being fully present & engaged on every call.  Each call will be recorded so you can use it to take notes & for review.  

Prerequisite: Source School of Tantra Yoga’s Certified Tantra Educatiors Training, Level 1. Or similar prior training.

Cost -
Pay in Full – $2,000
Payment Plan – $695 now, $300/monthly for 5 months
Extra Coaching outside of the Package is billed by the minute $225/hour

Month #1 – Energetic Responsibility

  • Grounding Practices
  • Personal Space Practices
  • Higher Self Practices
  • Self Love Practices
  • Establishing Boundary Commitments
  • Establishing Clarity & Intentions for Private Practice
  • Doing Sessions – Putting everything you know into Practice
  • Challenges, Fears, Break thru’s
  • What’s your next piece you want to heal?

Month #2 – Foundations to Creating your Private Practice

  • Establishing Mailing List/Icontact.com
  • Establishing SSTY Affiliate Program for creating passive income
  • Establishing your Prices
  • Creating Evaluation Forms
  • Screening Calls

Month #3 – Advertising

  • Copy Writing
  • Who is your demographic?
  • Photos
  • Online Advertising
  • Print Advertising
  • Free Intro Events/Open Houses

Month #4 – Website & Session Support

  • Menu Bar
  • Images
  • Session Descriptions
  • Hiring someone or doing it yourself
  • Using colors to attract specific people
  • What should be in your Bio
  • Using Tantra or Not
  • Hands on
  • Coaching
  • Classes

Month #5 – Creating Student Packages & Session Support

  • How to sell packages to ensure long term clients.
  • Creating goals for your clients that don’t leave them dependent or attached to you.
  • Teaching at Home, Teaching on the Road
  • Introducing Dakini Tours

Bonus Call – Completion

  • Are you willing to be complete with this program?
  • What are you present to (thoughts, feelings, body sensations)?
  • What have you accomplished?
  • What is finished?
  • What are you taking with you?
  • What is next for you?

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