Tantra Sessions for Women

Tantra Sessions for Women

Sexual Healing and Awakening for Women

Welcome to the new frontier of female sexual energy and mastery! This is the sex education you wished your older sister, Mom, or girlhood friends taught you! Subjects include: female sacred spot massage, yoni strokes, mudras, pressure points, special muscle contractions for more pleasure and health, the history of female ejaculation (amrita), Shakti transmission, and sexual healing. This is your opportunity to deeply heal anything having to do with the opposite sex, the mother/daughter/sister dynamic, and the many vaginal issues that come from being a women (such as pregnancies, abortions, etc.) Our mission is to create a safe environment for you to stay present, releasing any turbulent feelings from the body, and unblocking the neural pathways to your multi orgasmic nature. 2.5 hours ~ suggested donation $490

Honoring the Masculine

How would you like to empower, heal, and awaken the spiritual and sexual energy of a man? In “Honoring the Masculine” sessions, I will coach you on how to teach your man (or a volunteer Daka) how to connect his consciousness to the power of his heart and down to his genitals. By turning up the volume on his sexual energy we will uncover any places his body needs emotional healing. I will guide you to help him with delaying ejaculation, expanding his pleasure thresholds, finding his sacred spot, prostate health, building his confidence and consciousness in bed, sexually healing his past sexual traumas, and communication skills. 2 hours ~ suggested donation $490

Intimacy Coaching 

If you’re looking for Tantra or Relationship advice, I recommend Intimacy Coaching which is done over the phone or by email. To support your process, class handouts from our seminars will be emailed to you. Coaching over the phone will be billed by the minute. Coaching by email will be charged by email reply ($7 per email reply). $100/hour

Building Blocks to Tantra – Fundamental Coaching

For those just beginning their Tantric education, I recommend my Building Blocks to Tantra session. The goal of this session is to assist your body in opening neural pathways from each chakra to the brain. Laying of the hands to each chakra will provide you with a deep experience of coming into your body.  There is no nudity.  1.5 hours ~ suggested donation $190

  • With this experience you will be guided to set personal intentions and goals with a plan execute your deepest desires. What’s holding you back from more love in your life?  Learn how to pull in the beloved, heal or sexual trauma, or save your marriage.  Sky is the limit & you have the power to manifest your dreams.
  • You will learn the basics of Tantric breathing, meditations, movement, sound, and how they apply to sexual and non-sexual experiences.
  • You will learn about the psychology of the  7 different energy centers, (known as Chakras).
  • You will gain an understanding of both male & female sexual energy.  Find out what’s required to sexually wake up profound pleasure in both sexes & what each one needs to deeply, emotionally heal the sexual center & each chakra.
  • Energy transmission & the concept of energy as a whole will finally make sense & you will gain skills with how to positively effect your own self healing practice & that of a partner.  This is one of the most powerful tools to access more pleasure than you can imagine.  Let harness the power of love!
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