Tantra Sessions for Men

Tantra Sessions for Men

Sexual Healing and Awakening for Men

Welcome to the new frontier of male sexual energy and mastery! In these sessions, we integrate the lessons from ‘building blocks to Tantra’. We turn up the volume on your sexual energy and uncover any places in your body needing emotional healing. You will learn topics such as ejaculation choice, full body male orgasms, sacred spot massage for men, expanding pleasure thresholds, prostate health, confidence and consciousness in bed, sexual healing of past traumas to the heart/body, communication skills and how to attract women.  2 hours ~ suggested donation $490

Worshiping the Goddess

This session will give you hands on approach to creating heart melting rituals for the woman/women in your life! This is the sex education you wished your older brother, Dad, or boyhood friends taught you! Subjects include: female sacred spot massage (strokes, mudras, pressure points, female ejaculation, etc.), how to give with your touch (not take!), how to tap into your “Daka Mode” to sexually heal and stay present to her turbulent feelings, unblocking the neural pathways to her multi orgasmic nature, how to be her meditation buddy and breath coach.  2 hours ~ suggested donation $490

Intimacy Coaching

If you’re looking for Tantra or Relationship advice, I recommend Intimacy Coaching which is done over the phone or by email. To support your process, class handouts from our seminars will be emailed to you. Coaching over the phone will be billed by the minute. Coaching by email will be charged by email reply ($7 per email reply). $100/hour

Building Blocks to Tantra – Fundamental Coaching

For those just beginning their Tantric education, I recommend my Building Blocks to Tantra session. With this experience you will be guided to set personal intentions and goals. You will learn the basics of Tantric breathing, meditations, movement, sound, and how they apply to sexual and non-sexual experiences. I will guide you into your body with massage, using conscious touch by transmitting love and positive energy out my hands and into the 7 different energy centers, (known as Chakras). This is your turn, to simply receive love and nurturing. My goal is to assist your body in opening neural pathways from the genitals up to the brain. Arousal is neither looked for nor looked down upon. There is no mutual touching to teach you the skill of just receiving. I do not massage your genitals. I’m fully clothed, no negotiations. This experience is very good for integrating the Tantric basics; after all, you wouldn’t want to build a Tantric temple on a shaky foundation. 1.5 hours ~ suggested donation $190

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