Vacation Seminars

September 18-22, 2017
with Leah Alchin and Charles Muir
Big Sur, California
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Phone: 831-667-3000
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Esalen. The word itself summons up tantalizing visions of adventure, of unexplored frontiers, of human possibilities yet to be realized. There is the wonder of the place itself, 120 acres of fertile land carved out between mountain and ocean, blessed by a cascading canyon stream and hot mineral springs gushing out of a seaside cliff.

People from around the world come for the intellectual freedom to consider systems of thought and feeling that lie beyond the current constraints of mainstream academia. They come to discover ancient wisdom in the motion of the body, poetry in the pulsing of the blood. They come to rediscover the miracle ofself-aware consciousness. At best, they come away inspired by the precision of a desire to learn and keep on learning through all of life, and beyond.


with Charles Muir and Mantak Chia
♥ January 5-14, 2018 ♥
Phone: 888-682-6872 ext 105

Join us in this deeply nourishing journey at the acclaimed Tao Garden Health Spa and Resort in northern Thailand outside of Chiang Mai, an oasis of quiet elegance and profound transformation. Known as one of the best destination spas in Thailand, you will experience one of the most unique holistic integrated natural health spas in the world.

In this seminar you will learn esoteric and exotic practices of sexual love, which transforms sex into a profound, loving meditation overflowing with energy, passion and intimacy.  Now you can learn from the foremost teachers of Tantra Yoga (CHARLES MUIR) and Taoist lovemaking (MANTAK CHIA) as they teach the ancient secret arts of sacred sexuality from China and India.

Tao Garden is a perfect getaway for self renewal and nurturing. In over 50 acres of Feng-Shui designed gardens, you will be surrounded by beautiful birds and butterflies while you pamper yourself with a full menu of treatments from Thai, Taoist, and Ayurvedic traditions including Tao Garden’s signature treatments – Chi Nei Tsang and Karsai Nei Tsang.