Tantra for Teens

Tantra for Teens

Sexually Empowering our Sons and Daughters in a New Sex-Positive World

  • What if we could create a coming of age party for our sons and daughters where they could explore their sexuality without fear, guilt, or shame?
  • What if they knew their ‘no’ and knew their ‘yes’, respecting the miracle of their bodies own timing, relishing in the joys of intimacy, and knew how to claim their birthright for pleasure?
  • What if they knew how to lead their own sensual experiences without relying on their partner “to know what to do”?
  • What if they knew how to have sexually satisfying experiences without the risk of pregancy or contracting STDs?
  • What if we gave them the sex education our parent’s didn’t know how to give us?

Begin the conversation with us, call Leah Alchin for private group classes and one on one coaching for parents and teenagers, (831) 818-4803, leah@tantraloveguide.com.


Date: Saturday, May 31, 2014 RESCHEDULED FOR 2015!
Time: 10am – 12:30pm
Location: Dorchester, MA
For: Mother and Daughters only
Cost: $40/Parent + 1 teen (cash or credit cards accepted at the door)
Register now: Send an email to leah@tantraloveguide.com with names for each teenager and adult attending in your party

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