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MeMeeting of the Masters Volume 1 DVDeting of the Masters: Volume 1 DVD with Charles Muir and Mantak Chia
• The difference between the G-spot and Sacred Spot
• How changing the way you breathe can change sex into bliss
• How “pause and go” lovemaking is the key to longevity & vitality
• The mystery of the Base Chakra and the Male Sacred Spot
• Why alchemy is more important than chemistry in relationships


Sexual Healing: The Tantra Way DVD

Sexual Healing: the Tantra Way DVD
Charles Muir, the originator of “Sacred Spot Massage”, shares from his 35 years of practice and mastery what it takes to be a successful sexual healer. You will learn the 108 qualities that a Daka or Dakini (sexual high priest/priestess) must manifest within themselves to become a master.


Secrets of Female Sexual Ecstasy DVDSecrets of Female Sexual Ecstasy DVD with Charles & Caroline Muir
• Secrets of Erotic Kissing and Touch
• Facts about Male Ejaculatory Choice, a Key to Creating Maximum Lovemaking Health, Creativity, and Power
• Detailed Instructions for Female Sacred Spot (G-Spot) Massage
• Female Ejaculation – The Truth about Amrita, the Divine Nectar


Best of Tantra 3 DVD Set

Best of Tantra DVD Set Includes:
• The Sacred Art of Striptease DVD • Secrets of Female Sexual Ecstasy DVD • Ancient Secrets of Sexual Ecstasy DVD
All the greatest Tantra DVDs you’ve ever seen in one, affordable package! Finally, the best, most professional videos the Tantra world has to offer, all at a fantastic discount!


Holy Relationship Red Tantra CD

Holy Relationship CD
This program is a profound yet humorous introduction to Tantric relationship concepts and practices that transform relationship from duty to sacred honor. Tantra changes the nature of sex into a profound, joyful, and highly pleasurable meditation that heals, energizes, awakens consciousness, and bonds the partners on even deeper levels.

Freeing the Female Orgasm 3CDs + Booklet Freeing the Female Orgasm Audio CD Book
This 3 CD and 72-page illustrated booklet, has helped thousands of women heal their physical, emotional and psychological wounds through therapeutic Sacred Spot massage. Couples can work as a team, clearing blocked and disorganized energy, thus opening the female to a new source of creative energy, effortless orgasms, and new levels of ecstatic pleasure.
Volume 1, 2, 3 - White Tantra Yoga, Complete Set

White Tantra Yoga Volumes 1-3 CD Collection
White Tantra Yoga (Laya Yoga) is a form of Kundalini Yoga which alternates the moving meditation of stretching with periods of profound sitting meditations. All three volumes of White Tantra Yoga on five quality CDs (5 hours of instruction) at an extraordinary discount price. (Save 35%)




Probe Personal Lubricant - Silky & LightProbe Personal Lubricant – Silky and Light
Designed to mimic a woman’s natural lubrication, Probe® is the best, most natural lubricant on the market. It has three simple ingredients, no harsh chemicals, fragrance-free, and a natural citrus preservative. Probe is safe for vaginal, rectal, and oral use and is even harmless if swallowed. It will not irritate, nor cause yeast or bacterial infections.


Maui Oil - All Natural Massage OilMaui Moisturizing Body Oil All natural!
This erotic and exotic love oil is rich in natural vitamins and contains no artificial ingredients or preservatives. It is the perfect lubricant for external genital stimulation. Nongreasy, it is our personal formulation of the finest avocado, apricot, coconut, macadamia, jojoba, and vitamin E oils. Rich in natural vitamins, it is also the most luxurious massage oil you will ever use. Large 8 ounce bottle.

A Tantric Aphrodisiac - For Men And Women

WOW for Men – A Tantric Aphrodisiac!
• The Natural Alternative to Viagra
• Perform for hours, multiple iimes
• Dramatically Increases Stamina and Control
• Twice as Powerful as Other Brands, Lasts up to 7 Times Longer
• Healthy Ingredients with NO Negative Side Effects


Deluxe Crystal WandDeluxe Crystal Wand
Now you can practice sacred spot massage on your own if you don’t have a partner. This sensuously curved crystal Lucite G Spot Stimulator and Prostate Massage Tool is made for your pleasure and awakening. The S shaped design gives you the needed leverage to easily find and reach the G Spot (sacred spot) and prostate (Male G Spot) for effortless self stimulation.


Relationship Runes Book

Relationship Runes – Book and Runes Stone Set
Relationship Runes – A Compass for the Heart. Since 1982, Ralph Blum’s commentaries on the Runes have become a source of wisdom, comfort and guidance for millions of readers around the world.