Ultimate VIP Immersion

Ultimate VIP Immersion

Immersion Programs for Couples and Individuals

When relationships are sexually deprived, when desire is imbalanced between you and your partner, when your arguments aren’t productive, when you intuit that there’s something significant that needs healing but you don’t know where to start, or if you’re simply curious about Tantra and know your relationship can be deeper and even more loving… then a  vacation designed to help you unplug from everyday life and awaken sleeping passions is just the ticket.

Every year we offer a limited number of private retreats for a select group of highly dedicated couples and singles. In these Ultimate VIP Immersion Programs you will take a deep dive into intimacy, sexual healing, spiritual awakening, and a giant leap into profound sexual connection. This type of immersion is designed to give you quick results in the way you communicate, make love, and touch, while becoming an expert at expressing your needs, fears, boundaries, and desires with elegance.

Ultimate VIP Immersion experiences can range from a weekend intensive to a 10-day retreat in the location of your choice. We provide a safe container within which to explore and expand your relationship to Self, as well as with a partner. When we enter into relationship, we all have the need to love and be loved. Through conscious communication, conscious loving, and conscious touch, profound healing can occur and new ways to love and be loved deeply emerge.

Benefits of having a Female and Male Instructor

A Daka (Male Tantric Healer) and a Dakini (Female Tantric Healer) will join you for your journey.  There is something deeply profound and beneficial to having both a man and women represent the needs of both sexes in a conscious and supportive environment.  It will demonstrate how powerfully we can learn how to live in harmony with each other. It also provides more opportunities to heal the wounds from both Mother and Father, where appropriate.  Leah Alchin and Koa Wood or Tj Bartel

will be available for each of you to receive individual support, guidance, and healing sessions.

VIP Weekend

Indulge in two evenings and two & half full days of Tantric and relationship exploration with your private Tantra instructor(s). Move past your limiting beliefs in a safe environment and expand your ability to love and be loved! Communication and intimacy skills are taught and practiced in addition to Tantra. (Not limited to weekends, this program can be scheduled during the week as well.)  $5,000 + expenses for each teacher. Contact Us Now

VIP Week

Week-long Tantra immersions are for those who desire the ultimate vacation where your personal growth is center-stage. Allow more time to dive into the depths of your passion. Explore your pleasure and healing like never before.  $10,000 + expenses for each teacher. Contact Us Now

Typical Schedule

  • Early Morning – Enjoy a light leisurely breakfast or meet with a practitioner to study Yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises (White Tantra, your solo practices).
  • Mid-Morning – Meet with your instructors for learning/class time and communication
  • Noon – Assimilate learning with quiet time and a light lunch
  • Afternoon – Main healing time (Red Tantra) with your Tantra Educators
  • Early Evening – Enjoy a healthy meal
  • Evening – More sessions and practice
  • Class materials included