Session Options for Couples

Session Options for Couples


Couples can choose from coaching which is done over the phone or in person, or more hands on education.  The most powerful programs for couples is the Ultimate VIP Immersion Program where we can spend a full weekend or week vacation together, the Ultimate VIP Immersion Program includes everything described below depending on how much time we have together.


Building Blocks to Tantra; The Fundamental -

For those just beginning their Tantric education, I recommend my Building Blocks to Tantra session. The goal of this session is to teach you the basic fundamentals of sexual Tantric concepts.  This experience is taught one on one over the phone or in person.  There is no hands on instruction with this option.  The following is a variety of topics that we can focus on, please share with me what you are most interested in.  Lets harness the power of love!  1.5 hours ~ $300

  • You will be guided to set personal intentions and goals with a plan to execute your deepest desires. Sky is the limit & you have the power to manifest your dreams.
  • What’s holding you back from more love in your life?  Learn the principles of  healing sexual trauma and practices to save a relationship in trouble.
  • You will learn the basics of Tantric breathing, meditations,  sound, and how they apply to sexual and non-sexual experiences.
  • Discover the keys to open up neural pathways from the genitals to the your biggest sex organ – your brain!
  • You will learn about the psychology of the  7 different energy centers, (known as Chakras).
  • You will gain an understanding of both male & female sexual energy.  Find out what’s required to sexually wake up profound pleasure in both sexes & what each one needs to deeply, emotionally heal the sexual center & each chakra.
  • Energy transmission & the concept of energy as a whole will finally make sense & you will gain skills with how to positively effect your own self healing practice & that of a partner.  This is one of the most powerful tools to access more pleasure than you can imagine.

Ongoing Intimacy Coaching -  

If you’re looking for Mentorship, Tantra or Relationship advice, I recommend Intimacy Coaching which is done over the phone or by email. To support your process, class handouts from our seminars will be emailed to you. Coaching over the phone will be billed by the minute, calls will be recorded so you can review the content to further absorb the support.  $200/hour

Tantric couples massage“HANDS ON” TANTRIC SESSIONS

It’s important that we separate the roles of giver & receiver.  The reason for this is that each person as a receiver gets to focus on the subtle sessions in the body that get missed when both people are trying to give and receive at the same time. It also enables the giver to increase their confidence and empowerment as a lover, while learning all the steps of sexual healing and awakening by working with me in tandem.  Couples can choose from any of the menu options, with a combination of these practices being offered during an Ultimate VIP Immersion Program.  If a full Immersion Program is not within your budget or schedule, you can still book the following sessions À la carte.

Sexual Healing and Awakening for Men -

Welcome to the new frontier of male sexual energy and mastery! In these sessions, we integrate the lessons from ‘building blocks to Tantra’. We turn up the volume on his sexual energy and uncover any places in his body needing emotional healing. You will learn topics such as ejaculation choice, full body male orgasms, sacred spot massage for men, expanding pleasure thresholds, prostate health, confidence and consciousness in bed, sexual healing of past traumas to the heart/body, and communication skills. 2.5 to 3 hours ~ suggested donation $750

Worshiping the Goddess –

This session will give him the hands on approach to creating heart melting tantric rituals for you! This is the sex education he wished his older brother, Dad, camp counselor, or boyhood friends taught him! Subjects include: female sacred spot massage (strokes, mudras, pressure points, female ejaculation, etc.), how to give with his touch (not take!), how to tap into his “Daka Mode” to sexually heal and stay present to her turbulent feelings, unblocking the neural pathways to her multi orgasmic nature, how to be her meditation buddy and breath coach. 2.5 to 3 hours ~ suggested donation $750

Sexual Healing and Awakening for Women - 

This is a one on one session with just me & her.  Your partner is welcome to witness this experience or participate.  This is the coming of age party you wished your older sister, Mom, or girlhood friends created for you! Subjects include: female sacred spot massage, yoni strokes, mudras, pressure points, special muscle contractions for more pleasure and health, the history of female ejaculation (amrita), Shakti transmission, and sexual healing. This is your opportunity to deeply heal anything having to do with the opposite sex, the mother/daughter/sister dynamic, and the many vaginal issues that come from being a women (such as pregnancies, abortions, etc.) Our mission is to create a safe environment for you to stay present, releasing any turbulent feelings from the body, and unblocking the neural pathways to your multi orgasmic nature. 2.5 to 3 hours ~ suggested donation $750

Honoring the Masculine -

How would you like to empower, heal, and awaken the spiritual and sexual energy of your man? In “Honoring the Masculine” sessions, I will coach you on how to teach your man (or a volunteer Daka) how to connect his consciousness to the power of his heart and down to his genitals. By turning up the volume on his sexual energy we will uncover any places his body needs emotional healing. I will guide you to help him with delaying ejaculation, expanding his pleasure thresholds, finding his sacred spot, prostate health, building his confidence and consciousness in bed, sexually healing his past sexual traumas, and communication skills.
2.5 to 3 hours ~ suggested donation $750


A non-refundable deposit of $250 is necessary to book your session. If you cancel before 24 hours of your session time, you may use your deposit towards a future session.  If you cancel within 24 hours, your deposit is nonrefundable and cannot be used in a future session unless due to a medical or family emergency.


NOTE: Leah nor anyone associated with Tantra Love Guide is an escort, but rather an educator who will promote more love in you and your world. Serious students only. No sexual/oral intercourse.


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