Dakini/Daka Mentorship Testamoinals

As a fellow CTE, and a practicing Dakini, I would like to share with you the immense growth that I have experienced as a result of making the wise choice to join Leah Alchin’s Dakini Mentorship.

I am nearly finished with the 6 month program, and both my Session Work, and my Business have blossomed into potent offerings to the communities that I serve, and a reliable and sustainable Livelihood for me.

I highly recommend that you make the same wise decision to allow Leah’s years of experience to help you build a solid foundation for your Dakini/Daka business.  

It is my firm belief that whatever point you are starting at in both your experience as an independent business woman/man, and as a practicing Dakini/Daka, you will get many times the dollar value out of Leah’s invaluable insight and expertise.

When I began working with Leah, I had already built my own website, and established a fairly regular client base in the San Jose area.

I had completed at least 2 successful Dakini Tours to Boston, and was receiving positive feedback from my students that my work was benefiting them greatly.  Even so, I knew that I could refine and develop myself as a Dakini and as a Business woman, so I enlisted Leah to help me.

Within the first few calls, it was clear that hiring Leah was the right choice.  

Not only did Leah help me to implement a screening process that helped me to better hone in on the needs of my students, but she also coached me with a few specific trouble students.  Her wisdom allowed me to continue working with these students after I had believed that I was either unequipped to help them, or that personality conflicts would prevent us from being a good match as teacher and student.

The turn around felt nothing less than miraculous, as, from my perspective, I had hit a wall.  Suddenly, a whole new world of possibilities opened up with these students.   Since then, on several other occasions, Leah has helped me to see even more deeply into the sometimes complex dynamics that arise in session work.

On the Business side of things, Leah continues to have so much to offer, that it’s almost impossible to implement it all immediately!

She gave me relevant and insightful feedback on my website,  and walked me step by step through the sometimes tedious process of building a targeted mailing list, complete with profitable auto-responders.  She held my hand as we navigated the Source Tantra Affiliate Program, and created documents that make using the links, banners, images and copy for Source’s products and seminars easy.

She has encouraged me to build a menu of services that reflects the things that turn me on about offering this work, and has urged me to stay true to the value of my work by setting and maintaining rates that honor me and what I do.

Finally, I will say that the icing on the cake is the simple and priceless benefit of having someone to talk to about doing this rewarding, challenging, and sometimes lonely work.

Thankfully we have each other, and the field of Sacred Sexuality is filled with some amazing examples of successful and empowered Dakini’s.  But the truth is that so many of our friends and family just don’t understand what we do and why, particularly the hands on work.

Who else can you talk to about the ins and outs of touching lingams and base chakras and  yoni’s day after day?

Who else can share with you from a deep well of experience about what it means to have firmly fluid boundaries, and maintain a sense of self trust and respect?  Who else can help you to extricate yourself from self-defeating patterns, which sometimes present themselves so subtly in this work?

As I said, thankfully we have each other …. and having a True Teacher Guide and Mentor on this path is indispensable.  Allow Leah to be that for you!

Truly, at a cost that you will easily recoup within a few sessions, it would be silly NOT to hire Leah to help you to infuse your new Life Path with purpose, heart… and Success!!

I am more than happy to speak with you about my experience working with Leah, if I can be of any help as you consider making this decision.

~ Christy Flowers (San Jose, CA) www.goddessselenetantra.com 619-813-0738

Leah is such a support! What I love the most is she meets you whereever you are at, gives you astounding expert advice for any part of your healing practice but keeps it real and simple. I always feel respected and nurtured in the deepest part of my gift, but challenged to take it to the next level. Every time I bring her what I think is a big issue that needs to be solved, she comes up with multiple ways of creatively applying the wisdom of the Dakini. One of the best investments I ever made in my practice. And she’s funny!

~ Sagarra (New York City, NY)  www.sensualtantrichealing.com

Leah Alchin helped my business grow amazingly after my CTE level one course. The first phone call after joining her mentorship program was worth a fortune to my business as it enabled me to fully integrate all of the learning from CTE level one and turn it into a thriving business. Leah was incredible with her well thought out ideas, support, understanding of my fears, and marketing strategies. Her experience and personal knowledge was invaluable to me.

Specifically, the devil was in the details and I realized that I was looking at building a business from the macro framework perspective which slightly overwhelmed and paralyzed me. I had the knowledge, content of the CTE course, but was doing very little relative to turning the experience into actionable items. Leah was able to quickly help me mobilize within the first few calls of the mentoring program. The slight shift in focus helped me to immediately begin building the bench, which translated into earning a healthy income. I was able to name my business, write an ad, build a list, get first client under my belt, learn how to screen calls, utilize safety measures, get photos, begin building a website, print business cards, to name a few.

But the most important aspect of Leah’s mentoring program is the support I received from her during our calls, along with good feedback on how to take care of myself and further strengthen and grow my business.  As a result, I have good steady income that I have been able to use to pay off my debt and secure a better lifestyle that allows me more flexibility and less worrying about finances. In other words, I have more money to freely enjoy my life – the extra income provides me with breathing room. I am able to enjoy amenities I would not otherwise afford. Additionally, I am using my business to fully pay for my other CTE training. I feel more confident, and secure, and have a great deal of pride in knowing I own my own business.

If you want a good mentoring program what works and effective implementation of “building your business” strategies – where you know you will get results – join Leah’s mentoring program. I can’t thank Leah enough for assisting me in getting to where I am today. I came along with the usual reservations that you have about building a solid business from a two week program. I manifested my learning experience into a solid business. The information Leah shared was importantly relevant, timely, and informative. All I had to do was put it into action with Leah’s guidance. Leah is a reflective listener who will provide ideas that are time tested and proven. You will see actual proof in your life.

Thank you Leah for helping me become the woman I always dreamt I could be. A successful business owner.

~ June Karma (Boston/New York City) www.tantriclovepath.com