Women’s Goddess Retreat

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Women’s Goddess Retreat

• Austin March 9-11, 2018

In ancient Tantric traditions, women revealed mysteries of female Shakti. Shakti is the creative, spiritual, and sexual life force energy that, when awakened in women, will bring forth harmony, balance, and the God Essence, which is her birthright. Join other women of wisdom and receive the education you always needed from your sisters, mother, and grandmothers.

During the weekend we will gently guide, educate, and initiate you into your Sacred Space, your genitals. You will be in a safe, private, and supportive environment for this awakening and healing, as we birth forth the Priestess within you and assist in the healing of your inner child. Discover for yourself how non-sexual hands-on work with women will assist you in finding your full, happy, healed, and empowered self.

You will experience:

  • An activation of the seven different energy centers (known as chakras) through yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises.
  • A powerful group ritual where each woman will have an opportunity to participate in receiving and giving Sacred Spot Massage (participation optional).
  • A Puja Ceremony to flush out of the body any residue that holds you back from more love!
  • Group transmissions of Shakti to connect, ignite, and bond you to the sisterhood.
  • A round table discussion on woman’s sexual, emotional, physical, and energetic health.
  • Demystify the language differences between men and women and how to communicate to finally get your needs met.

Leah Alchin has been a practicing Tantrika since 1997 and has been co-teaching seminars with Charles Muir since 2004. She is an Advanced Certified Tantra Educator ® and serves as Director of Events at the Source School of Tantra Yoga. Leah has assisted couples and individuals all over the world through More Love Seminars, Source School of Tantra Yoga Seminars, Instructor Training Courses, and her private practice, Dakini Love, to assist people in finding More Love.

Judith Shivani Davis is an Elite Certified Tantra Educator™, assists in the 4 teacher trainings for Source School of Tantra Yoga & maintains a private practice on Maui, with visits to Colorado, Seattle, Honolulu, and California as requested, using Massage, Rolfing, Intimacy Skill Building and Sacred Sexual Healing. Among her specialties are trauma and pelvic tension. Judith is Founder ofThe Center for Awakened Loving, which provides personal Tantric coaching and seminars for couples, singles, and groups, helping them to find and embrace their sexual sense of Self.

Tuition includes lodging, meals, and class handouts.

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Questions?  Contact Dana ~ 888-682-6872 ext.118, goddess@sourcetantra.com

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